Host Your Own

Organise, host, have fun, fundraise!

Hosting your own Day of Yoga event is very simple. One of our main aims is to get as many people involved in this event as possible, in order to fundraise and support people going through cancer. The Host Your Own option gives people participants the flexibility to do it where, when and with whoever they want. This event is also a great opportunity for you and your circle to come together and do something for your own health and well-being.

Step 1: Organise

Hosting your own event is very easy. First, set up a fundraising page for your group here. The cost is $25 for your whole group, and this will grant you access to the live stream event. A link to the live stream will be available from the morning of the 18th June on your fundraising dashboard. This dashboard is only available to the host of the event. Others in your group can make individual fundraising pages within your event page.

Step 2: Host

You are welcome to host your event any time while the recording of the Yoga live stream is available, from 18th June to 3rd July. You can have as many people attend your event as you like. Recruit your friends & family to join your day of yoga event by sending them your team page and asking them to join. We will be sending the hosts goodie bags before your Day of Yoga, so please let us know how many people will be attending your event.

Step 3: Have fun!

It’s so important that you and your whole group enjoy your Yoga event. The past two years have been tough! The pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health and wellbeing, as well as putting extra strain on those going through cancer and their families. We want you to come together with your circle and enjoy a few hours in a relaxing Yoga session and listen to a talk on health and well-being.

Step 4: Fundraise

To fundraise, please get your Yoga group to donate to your fundraising page. You can also share your page via social media so others can donate, or just email your friends and family the link. If guests wish to register to join your event on the website, they will also receive a page they can use to fundraise. It costs just $150 to make a significant contribution to vital prevention and treatment research and $107 to provide accommodation to those receiving treatment far from home. Every little bit counts.