In Person Event

Join us at one of our in person Day of Yoga events on Saturday 18th June!

Each event includes a 40 minute yoga class, an interactive expert talk (scroll down to see our amazing panellists), a light meal with refreshments and a Day of Yoga goody bag to take home. Every event will be hosted by one of our incredible celebrity guests.

We are excited to be hosting the Day of Yoga events at the beautiful Officer’s Mess in Narrow Neck on the North Shore. With views out onto the gorgeous Hauraki Gulf, it will be the perfect place to reflect, unwind and embrace everything Cancer Society’s Day of Yoga has on offer. 

Meet Your Hosts

Jason Reeves

7:00AM Session

Toni Street

1:30PM Session

Jason Tikao

10:30AM Session

A household name and a familiar voice on Kiwi airwaves for more than 25 years, the loveable "Dad" on Coast Breakfast, Jase, has won a number of NZ Radio awards with his kind, warm-hearted, genuinely friendly and super-relatable style. 
Now 46 and married with two young boys and a dog to run around after, he's happy to share experiences that many might brush under the carpet. Recently, health and wellbeing has taken a front seat after Jase was completely open about his quest to lose weight, increase his fitness and live a healthy lifestyle. Jase always tries to squeeze in some quality moments with family and friends, and a healthy dollop of travel. 

Toni Street is one of New Zealand's most well known and loved broadcasters. She's one third of the breakfast radio show "Coast Breakfast" with Sam Wallace and Jason Reeves and is a regular on our screens at TVNZ. Toni was a reporter for One News for 8 years, and recently hosted the Tokyo Olympics and the America's Cup. She is the author of the best-selling book "Lost and Found" which details her battle with an auto-immune disease, adopting her son via surrogacy and her childhood where she lost three siblings - her twin brother Lance died of leukaemia. 

Jason "JT" Tikao is the night show host on Coast. He is an award winning broadcaster who for 26 years has been entertaining radio audiences up and down the country. Happily married and when he's not on air, he spends his time running around after his beautiful 2 year old daughter. JT wanted to help host this event as his way of supporting his great mate Lorna Subritzky from the Coast days show who is going through her 2nd battle with breast cancer.

Meet Your Panellists

Erin O'Hara

Jess Quinn

Anitha Vivekanandan

Erin O’Hara offers the teachings of Kundalini Yoga from her heart to your heart. She has been teaching since 2010 after training at Golden Bridge in LA. She moved back to New Zealand in 2012 to establish the Kundalini Yoga community and opened Golden Yogi studio in 2013. Her focus has been to develop a healthy, happy, and conscious community. Erin also gathers the knowledge of Science and Natural Medicine with two University Degrees in Science and Naturopathy. She has an integrated approach to wellbeing bringing balance between the body, mind, and soul. She leads regular yoga classes, workshops, and works one-on-one in the clinic for Naturopathy and healing consultations.

Jess Quinn lost her right leg to cancer just before her ninth birthday. Instead of letting it hold her back, she has used her own experiences to normalise 'different.' Jess is now an accomplished storyteller, live-liver and advocate in helping others overcome adversity. 
Jess became a household name after her successful stint on Dancing with the Stars and an impressive Ted Talk. She has grown a dedicated social media following of 240,000 + followers and uses these platforms to bring awareness to image retouching in the advertising industry and the unrealistic idea of perfection and beauty. As one of New Zealand’s most engaging personalities on social media, Jess connects with thousands of people each day to help inspire their own journey.

Anitha is an Integrative Sleep Practitioner, former ENT Surgeon as well as a Cancer and Life Coach. She is a Breast Cancer Survivor herself and currently works with those having sleep issues, especially due to Cancer. She has given numerous talks and has featured in various podcasts to spread the awareness around this topic, and how important sleep is in the overall recovery from cancer.

Session times

Sunrise Yoga - 7:00am

Mid-morning Yoga - 10:30am

Mid-afternoon Yoga - 1:30pm

Tickets are $50 each when you use the promocode YOGA50 at checkout