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Cancer Society’s Day of Yoga - Saturday the 18th of June

71 New Zealanders are diagnosed with cancer every day. Getting involved with Cancer Society’s Day of Yoga is a fantastic way to do support those in your community facing cancer and enhance your members experience simultaneously. Your businesses involvement can be as big or small as you like. You can make a day of it or you could donate one sessions processes to Cancer Society. It’s an easy way to raise funds for cancer research, health promotion and patient support.

There are no set rules but here are two ways you could get involved:

Make a day of it

  • Promote Cancer Society’s Day of Yoga in your gym or studio
  • Donate a % of every yoga session

or, Promote a one-off yoga class dedicated to Cancer Society’s Day of Yoga fundraiser

  • Promote Cancer Society’s Day of Yoga in your gym or studio
  • Choose the perfect day for you
  • Boost publicity with a one-off event

How to get started!

1. Get your staff onboard

Let your community, members and staff know that your place of work is supporting Cancer Society’s Day of Yoga. See who is keen to get involved.

2. Promote

Getting the word out is key! Let us know you would like to get involved. We will send you a link to download and print your event posters, bunting, donation boxes and more. We also have social media tiles for you to use. Please post these on your Facebook or Instagram pages. The more people that get involved the better.

3. Make it simple

This event is to help promote health and wellbeing. Something Cancer Society feels is important to help prevent cancer. Please help us continue to do the work we do helping people who are going through cancer by donating a percentage of your proceeds on the 18th of June.